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  Malaysian Journal of Animal Science Vol. 17(1) June 2014  
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1. Improving Nutritional Values of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) as Poultry Feeds: A Review Sharmila, A., Alimon, A.R., Azhar, K., Noor, H.M. and Samsudin, A.A.   download
2. Assessment of Genetic Diversity on Goat Breeds in Malaysia Using Microsatellite Markers Amie Marini, A.B., Hifzan, R.M., Tan, S.G. and Panandam, J.M.   download
3. Effects of Strain, Sex and Age on Growth Performance of Malaysian Kampong Chickens Engku Azahan, E.A., Azlina Azma, I.A. and Noraziah, M.   download
4. Pre-weaning Body Measurements and Performance
of Desert Sheep (Tribal Subtypes Hamari and Kabashi) Lambs of Kordofan Region, Sudan Mohamed Ali, M.A., Abdella, H.O., Elimam, M.E., Sulieman, A.H. , El-Hag, F.M., Neama Adam Eshag and Jadalla1, J.B.
5. Fatty Acid Composition of Breast and Thigh Muscles of Broilers Fed Diets Supplemented with Candle Nut Kernel Meal Subjected to Different Heat Treatments Rohaida, A.R., Alimon, A.R. and Sazili, A.Q.   download
6. Performance of Growing Rabbits Fed Diets Containing Fermented and Unfermented Cassava Leaf: Peel Meal Mix as Replacement for Maize Adeyemi,O.A., Adesanya, P.A, Eniolorunda, O.O., Sogunle, O.M.,
Egbeyale, L.T. and Njoku, C.P.
7. Verification of Caprine Sexed-separated Spermatozoa
by Real Time PCR Somarny, W.W.M.Z, Aslinda,K., Md. Tasol, S., Mohd. Hifzan, R., Nasir, J.M., Mohd Hafiz, A.W., Ab Rashid, B. and Musaddin, K.
8. Comparison of Bovine Embryonic Development of Parthenogenetically Activated Oocytes by Different Combinations of Chemical Treatments Siti Khadijah, I., Rahman, M. M., Abdullah, R. B. and Wan Khadijah, W. E.   download
9. Progesterone and Luteinising Hormone Profile of Saanen Crossbred Goats Synchronised with CIDR and PMSG Salleh, S.M., Yaakub, H. and Panandam, J. M.   download
10. Relationship between Coccidiosis Infection and Hematological Profile, Body Weight and Famacha Scores in Dorper Sheep Nurzaty Ewani, A.H., Ariff1, O.M., Sani, R.A. and Rasedee, A.   download
11. Statistical Analysis of Traditional Practices of Fermented Camel Milk in North Kordofan State, Sudan Ahmed, A.I., Blanchard, L., Abdelhadi, O.M.A., Bakheit, S.A. and Faye, B.   download
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