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  Malaysian Journal of Animal Science Vol. 16(2) 2013  
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Instructions to Authors   download
1. Genetic Variation of Four Goat Breeds in Malaysia Using Microsatellite Polymorphism Markers Amie Marini, A.B., Mohd. Hifzan, R., Johari, J.A., Tan, S.G.and Panandam, J.M.   download
2. First Follicular Wave Pattern of Kedah-Kelantan Cows Stimulated with Different Types of Gonadotropin Hormone Regimes for Transvaginal Oocyte Aspiration Azizah, A., Ariff, O.M., Ahmad, J., Ajis, H., Mashodi, S., Izuan Bahtiar, A.J. and Saadiah, J.   download
3. Effects of Varying Energy Levels on Follicular Development and Time of Ovulation in Kedah-Kelantan Crossbred Cows Azizah, A., Yaakub, H. and Ahmad, J.   download
4. Effects of Two CIDR-based Oestrus Synchronization Protocols on Oestrus Response in Boer Goats Abdul Muin, H.B., Hasbudie, B., Suraya, M.S., Panandam, J.M., Yaakub, H., Theivanai, J. and Quaza Nizamuddin, H.N.   download
5. Yield and Nutritive Quality of Nine Napier Grass Varieties in Malaysia Halim, R.A., Shampazuraini, S. and Idris, A.B.   download
6. Nutrient Composition and Forage Yield, Nutritive Quality of Silage Produced from Maize-Lablab Mixture Amole, T.A., Oduguwa, B.O., Jolaosho, A.O., Arigbede, M.O., Olanite, J.A., Dele, P.A. and Ojo, V.O.A.   download
7. Effect of Feeding Cassava Wastes on the Performance and Meat Quality of Broiler Chickens Bukola B. Babatunde   download
8. Effects of Inoculating Lactobacillus plantarum, Molasses and Urea on the Fermentation of Whole Crop Rice Silage Ghazali, H., Wan Mohtar, W.Y. and Wan Zahari, M.   download
9. Development, Establishment and Current Achievement of Animal Traceability System in Malaysia Salina, A.B. and Azmie M.Z.   download
10. The Effect of Slaughter Age on the Bacterial Number, pH and Carcass Weight Loss of Japanese Quails Stored at 40C for 14 Days Jamaludin, M. H., Aisyah, W. S. K., Shazani, S. and Amin, M. R.   download
Referees for Malaysian Journal of Animal Science (MJAS) 2013   download
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