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  Malaysian Journal of Animal Science Vol. 15 2012  
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1.Analysis of ovine uterus Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) Suhaimi, A.H.M.S, I.A. Azlina Azma, A.R. Roziatul Erin, W. M. Z. Somarny, M. N. Mat Isa, Z. A. Rabiatul Adawiah , S. Md Tasol and K. Musaddin   download
2. HaeIII-RFLP Polymorphism of growth hormone gene in Savanna and Kalahari goats Amie Marini, A.B., K. Aslinda, R. Mohd. Hifzan, A.B. Muhd. Faisal and K. Musaddin   download
3. Ovarian responses after superovulation with different dosages of oFSH in goats Abdullah, R.B., Shariffah, N.Y., Rahman, M.R. and Wan Khadijah, W.E.   download
4. Ranchers’ knowledge towards sustainable swiftlet ranching Vaiappuri,S.K.N, Nitty, H.K., Ismail.A.L. and Kamaruddin, M.I.   download
5. Effect of Sapindus mukorossi as herbal feed additive for ruminants N. Sultana, K. S. Huque and A. R. Alimon   download
6. Anthelmintic resistance in selected goat farms in Kelantan Basripuzi, H.B., Sani, R.A. and Ariff, O.M.   download
7. Comparison of growth rate of four Pleurotus fungi species on wheat straw and date palm leaf substrates A. Kabirifard, A., Fazaeli H. and Kafilzadeh F.   download
8. Electrochemical sensors for detection of tetracycline antibiotics Engku Azahan, Azlina Azma, Noraziah   download
Referees for Malaysian Journal of Animal Science (MJAS) 2012   download
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