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  Malaysian Journal of Animal Science Vol. 16(1) 2013  
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Instructions to Authors   download
1.Enzyme Inhibition Sensor for Malachite Green and Leuco- Malachite Green Detection in Tilapia Fish Faridah, S., Nurul Hidayah, A. P., Gayah, A.R., Fatimah, A. B., Nur Azura, M.S., Othman ,M. and Zamri ,I..   download
2. Fatty Acid Profile of Nile and Red Hybrid Tilapias Reared in Intensive and Extensive Systems Siti Sarah, J., Ariff, O. M. and Goh, Y. M.   download
3. A Direct Competitive Immunoassay for Fumonisins Detection in Maize Feed Kadir, M.K.A., Ishak, Z. and Awaludin, N.   download
4. Teratogenic Effects of Retinyl Palmitate during Early and Late Gestation Periods in Rats Thannia, S. Y., Al- Muqamar, M., Yaakub, H., Ganabadi, S and Sukardi, S.   download
5. Isolation and Detection of PLC (Sperm Factor Protein) in Testes of Rattus rattus diardii Using One-Step RT-PCR Nasyriq, A.M.N., Fadzlina, A.S., Noor Faezah, M.N., Lee, L.H., Cheah Y.K. and Sukardi, S.   download
6. Determination of Follicular Wave Development in Oestrus Synchronised Beef Cows Azizah, A., . Wahid, H. Ariff, O.M. Yaakub H. and Ahmad J.,   download
7. Performance of Layer Birds Supplemented with Herbal Antistress Product Ayucee and Synthetic Vitamin C under Physiological Heat Stress Jadhav, N .V., Awati, B., Kulkarni, S., Waghmare, P. G., Suranagi,M. D., Saxena, M. J., Ravikanth, K., Dandale, M. and Shivi Maini   download
8. The Effect of Feeding Primalac Probiotics on Growth Performance and Blood Parameters of Ostriches Hasan Rezaei, H., Khorshidi, K. J. and Fallah, R.   download
9. Nutritional Evaluation of Cattle Rumen Epithelial Tissue Scrapings Meal for Growing Rabbits Oladunjoye, I. O., Ojebiyi, O. O., Adeleke, J., and Famakinwa, B.   download
10. The Effects of Effective Microorganisms (EM) on the Nutritive Values of Fungal-Treated Rice Straw Samsudin, A.A, Masori, M.F. and Ibrahim, A.   download
Effect of Sex and Birth Type on Kid Performance of Sudanese Taggar Goats Bushara, I., Abdelhadi, O. M .A. , Mekki, D. M., Idris, A. O., Elemam, M. B. , Muna Ahmed, M. M. , Abu Nikhiala, A.M. and Alimon, A. R   download
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